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We are Impartial and Work for You.

A good home inspector provides an unbiased, professional assessment of the condition of the house. Our job is to provide you with a comprehensive, fair, independent and objective evaluation so that you can understand and make an informed decision. We work for you and only for you.

Should all homes be inspected?

Yes, all homes including condominiums and apartments should be inspected.  If you are in the market to purchase a home, then hiring a certified, professional home inspector to conduct your pre-purchase inspection is the right thing to do. Thinking about selling? If so, a pre-listing inspection can be very helpful. It provides the seller with important information about the general condition of the home, and outlines any significant defects and/or deficiencies that are in need of replacement or repair. By having this information readily available the seller can better prepare their home for market and avoid unnecessary surprises during the buyer’s inspection.

What does a Home Inspection Include?

Our professional visual home inspection consists of a 2 to 2.5 hour on-site inspection concluding with a detailed computer-generated report. The major systems of the home are all operated weather permitting.  We always recommend that you be present at your home inspection so that you can ask questions and learn more about the home, its components, systems and maintenance.

Are there limitations to home inspections?

Yes, there are always limitations. Be aware that it is not an exhaustive detailed engineering or environmental inspection. The inspection is a visual inspection of the accessible and functional major components of the home that can be safely operated at the time of the inspection.

Why Prime Building Inspection Services?

With Prime Building Inspection services you receive a high quality visual inspection conducted by an experienced, qualified home inspector. The inspection industry is still a relatively new and unregulated field.  That is why when you hire Prime Building Inspections, you can be confident in knowing you have hired an experienced professional in this field.